Design Stage

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when getting ready to replace a roof. Some of these factors are: existing roofing system, roof slope, building function, access, complexity, budget, and time of year. We meet with the client to gather all of the information and come up with right roofing solution for their building.


Estimate/Bid Stage

When a roof is replaced we are typically the only trade on site, which makes us the Prime Contractor. However, there might be some other trade work involved in the re-roof such as: plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, carpentry, etc. As Prime contractor we will include all of the other components in your estimate to make it all-inclusive.


Pre-installation Stage

Our project team will conduct a pre-installation meeting with the client to discuss access impact, building operation, safety, schedule, and lines of communication all in an effort to minimize the impact of the roof replacement process.



A Hazard Assessment is conducted by our full-time safety officer, the project manager, and the site superintendant. This identifies all site hazards and formulates controls to reduce or eliminate all of the hazards. The roofing crew conducts a daily Pre-Job Safety Inspection in order to identify the hazards associated with the tasks for that individual day.


Installation Stage

We maintain a fleet of modern trucks and roofing equipment to ensure that our employees have the right tools to complete the job safely and on time. Through apprenticeship training and continued education our staff is knowledgeable in the application of proven roofing systems. Our field superintendant and project manager review application work on a regular basis. This ensures quality installation and answers any questions if they arise.