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Patch & Repair

Leak Response

Our knowledgeable staff in the field of leak detection, dispatched in a timely fashion, can in most cases locate the cause of a leak and quite often apply a temporary seal to stop or slow the leak. Once we know our diagnosis is correct, a quote for the permanent repair will be provided.

Roof Repairs

Isolated problems with your roof can occur at any time and can escalate quickly. To avoid future issues and extend the life of your roof system these isolated areas should be repaired immediately.

Standard Roofing has a team of professionals dedicated solely to repairing and maintaining roofing systems for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Our technicians are long term employees, highly skilled and committed to doing the best possible job for our clients.


Roofs are often forgotten and are only looked at when there is a leak. By the time that happens the roof damage could be irreversible and could have also caused damage to the building structure itself. In order for a flat roof system to achieve it’s full lifespan regular roof inspections should be performed annually. We provide this service as well as a detailed quotation identifying any required maintenance and the costs associated; we will then schedule and perform the necessary maintenance.

Roof Alterations

As building tenants and/or building uses change, roof alterations may be required. Whether it is new roof penetrations (plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation), exterior wall alterations, or any other building alterations that impact the roofing system we are capable of performing all necessary changes.


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